The first adventure: getting things done.

I’ve survived my first day in Bordeaux.


I’m being a bit dramatic but as of yesterday, my family finally dropped me off for good. The last farewell was a tearjerker mais c’est la vie…and there’s always Skype. Since then, I’ve been on my own facing the cruel reality of adapting to a new environment and wonderfully smelling patisseries! As always, I had made a list of what I had to get done and it goes as follows:

As you can see, the majority of it has to do with food. The thing is that I’m really lucky to have arrived after my two other fellow York students since they did all the dirty work for me. All I had to do was follow instructions…and fill out my own paperwork. Just on a side note, they did not exaggerate when they said there is a lot of paperwork in France. Indeed, there is not just a LOT…it’s needed for almost everything. I can definitely hear from far off, “I told you so.”

Anyways, staying on track…

The first thing I had to get done was purchasing a metro pass for the year. In Bordeaux, public transportation is called TBC (Tram et Bus de la Cub) and as the name mentions, it consists of trams and buses. Trams are often used as it can get you…pretty much everywhere and right to the stop. The tramway tracks are integrated into the city in such a way that they’re there but not really…Are we being all metaphysical? No, what I mean is that they’re not at all loud, they’re smooth, pretty…and sometimes they’re even surrounded by trees!

I LOVE THE TRAM. It really makes you wonder how we survive in Toronto with the TTC…

Since we aren’t official students of Bordeaux yet (classes start on Mon), we became official tourists and did some exploring at Quinconces located in centre-ville. It is a gem of a find because we found lots of ethnic restaurants. It’s awesome because I know I’ll have this place to fix my Indian food crave!  Other than lots of restaurants and shops, it is where the Miroir d’eau is located. This designated area gets filled with ~2cm of water and it looks like you’re walking on water. Once in a while the water drains and replaced with mist. It’s right along the waterfront so it’s great to go there for a jog or bike ride, and there’s always people just lounging around in the grassy area for a relaxing picnic.

After Miroir d’eau , we continued exploring in this old galerie that has now been converted into a place with shops and restaurants.

I came across a toy store and eventually, this mug. I had to get it…so, I got it. Another thing off my list!

Then, we ran into a zombie band…obviously, playing Thriller.

…After, we came across a very interesting set-up on somebody’s door/balcony.

And finally, we crossed off “exploring” for the day and onto the most important thing of all…


Having groceries done is amazing because you know that you’ll food on the table. After being out the entire day, we opted for a easy meal…breakfast for dinner. You can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs and a fresh baguette with some fruits and vegetables.

Après-dîner, all of us sat around the dining room table…to tackle our ever growing list of paperwork. My roomie was complaining about the “mosquitos” (they definitely were not mosquitos…) flying in from the open doors so we closed the blinds. It reminds me of a closed store…or a garage.

Paperwork finally reaches a new level…it can make things awkward.

So I’d say it was day full of accomplishments…it’s awesome to see how even the little things can make you feel so content.

“I SO conquered that online form!” “I GOT BREAD!”

And, it’s just as amazing to have partners in crime.

Well, that was yesterday…today’s adventure: laundry!


4 thoughts on “The first adventure: getting things done.

  1. The little accomplishments! SO so true. I can’t believe how much easier it has become to feel proud of myself for doing something so mundane as getting some photocopies or sending an email…

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