Photo-diary #1: Just any other Sunday…


The view from my window in the early morning – too excited to sleep in!

For once there is something open on a Sunday – the Marché des Capucins, which is a farmer’s market that has been held weekly since Oct 2, 1749. I know…it’s really old. And, if you know me well, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE FARMER’S MARKETS. It’s hard to express how excited I was, so I present to you a photo-diary-log-journal of my Sunday in Bordeaux.

The entrance…the excitement level is getting harder to maintain under control.


We were first greeted by a stall selling Chinese vegetables…I was ecstatic. The marche just got more brownie points!

FROMAGE! So many different kinds of cheese and one very friendly vendor.

Everything looks fresh and vibrant.


There is an Asian stall?! I’ll make sure to try it next time I come.


After a few rounds, we made our way back to this stall to pick up some country bread for our picnic. Fresh bread never ceases to bring smiles on people’s faces…at least in my case it does…


We also grabbed some delicious brie, roquefort, and chèvre cheese to go along with our bread.


Tempting fruits…they don’t want me to leave!


After reluctantly leaving the marché, we came across an Asian supermarket…with peanut butter (or also know as “peanut paste” and “africanuts”). Guess there is some kind of demand for it.


We headed to the Quay for our picnic shindig…except we didn’t realize how hard it would be to pick a spot.

We ended up on some grass and laid out our feast of roast chicken, cheese and bread.

Our delicious cheese with sweet grapes.

After the satisfying lunch, we head to the Miroir d’eau and we caught it during it’s mist stage.

It was indeed a great day to be at the Miroir to cool down from the heat.

Water bubbling up to replace the mist.

Our attention got caught by a surprise installment across the street.

What is this cube? Why is it here?

We realized that noise was coming out of it…and indeed we were right. Inside, there were speakers blasting out the message from the Voyager Golden Record.

We then head to the free open doors of the Opéra National de Bordeaux.

Just everything caught my eye…hey look! It’s the ceiling!

Do I spy chandelier? My obsession begins…now…

We followed the stairs…to..

More chandelier!…But, actually…

We entered the auditorium of the Opéra.


I swear, this is the last shot of chandelier.

It was so beautiful except everything was on a much smaller scale than what I had imagined.


We then went to our last stop of the day – the Girondins monument!


And, what’s that? A circus?! I made a mental note to get myself in there…one day…

Check out the intense fountain adjacent/connected to the Girondins monument.

After our journey, we headed home to end it off sweetly with the delicious gâteau basque that we bought from the marché.


8 thoughts on “Photo-diary #1: Just any other Sunday…

  1. Kelly those are gorgeous and the pictures of the market made me hungry!! Seriously I need to start saving up some money and maybe I’ll visit you and Drew in France for reading week…

    • Thanks and I surely did have an awesome day! First day of school went well…I’m really excited because all the profs are extremely nice and cool, and I’m taking an awesome literature class. I’ll be posting about it soon!

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