Remniscing First Year

I often daydream…while admiring the beautiful skies.

Have I ever mentioned my obsession for the sky? Anyways, to stay on point – when I daydream, I reminisce. And,….

It’s hard to believe that I’m in my 3rd year already and on exchange in France. Where did the time go? It was just yesterday that I was being my anxious self while waiting for my Frosh package in the Breezeway.

“Will I make my life friends today?” “Will my profs know my name?” “Does my shirt go with my shoes?” “Will there be cute boys?” “I wonder how the co-ed bathroom will be like…” “Where’s my classroom?” “What do I have to do for OSAP?” “I don’t even get how university works…”

Let’s be honest – I don’t have all the answers. BUT, I can give you three really good tips:

  • Drop expectations.  

Don’t give yourself extra stress by worrying about what needs and should happen. We (or shall I say “I”) always want to know what’s happening or what’s going to happen and we often forget this important fact of life – things don’t always go as planned. Life isn’t linear and it shouldn’t be! Enjoy the moment and experience it as it is. Take it from the words of the super suave Willa Wonka: “The best kind of prize is a surprise.”

  • Fall in love with learning.

Trial-and-error may seem tiring and frustrating, but it is also rewarding. So have fun making mistakes because you won’t know what you might learn from them. Also from experience, you will make the same mistake again. And, again. And, maybe another time. Understand that you don’t make the same mistake twice even if it seems like it. There is always something new to learn – there is never a stupid mistake, just a new discovery. Mistakes are always going to be a part of life so you might as well put a ring on it.

  • Make yourself comfortable.  

There are always those moments or periods of overwhelming crazy-I-want-to-run-away-and-hide-under-a-rock-with-my-pillow-ness. At that very moment, your future looks bleak. Well, you might as well make yourself a hot cup of cocoa and put on those fleecy slippers. I’m not being sarcastic but what I’m trying to say is when things get rough, suck it up but get comfy while doing it. Yes, you have to write that 5000-word paper but why not make it fun by using this amazing site: (I’m using it to write this right now!…not that I’m implying writing a post is stressful). Another perspective is time management and planning. Is living on the edge fun? Yes, but not every second of your life. So keep yourself stress-free!  In other words (or mine): when life gives you lemons, make some honey lemon so at least your throat is soothed.

Although I’ve written this post for those who still have yet to or is experiencing first year, I just want to add that these tips can be applied to everyone. Yes, I do like to think that I have smart advice, but to be honest, I’m still learning to apply these 3 points to my own life. And, I’ll continue on daydreaming…


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