Photo-Diary #2: Yet Again Another Sunday…

I really like to do things on Sundays. I really like beaches. It was a Sunday. I went to the beach. AND, it was pretty awesome.

I present to you a photo-diary through the lens of my phone:

Starting the day off right…with a croissant amande.

Train billets to Arcachon. Everything feels so official – yes, we are going on a trip.

We realized that we were on the wrong side of the platform…3 minutes before the arrival of the train. As we frantically ran down and up the stairs to the other side, I couldn’t help but notice the musician playing his accordion.

There’s still time left to wait for the train.

It’s here!

Why are trains so cool? All the compartments are so new and well thought-out. J’adore les trains.

Lots of people on a biking adventure…I should do one sometime.

Look, trees!

After 50 minutes, we finally arrived at our destination – le terminus.

We had to walk a few blocks to la plage. This house caught my’s like a mini-chateau and I want to live there.

First sight of la plage!

La plage! And there seems to be some kind of fête going on….

Our mini-pique-nique.

This snack makes me so contente because they’re smiling. Except, I couldn’t help but feel terrible every time I ate one.

I spy a pink whale.

Finally, time to go home…and this train is different. It’s real classy and this is only 2nd class.

There’s even a bar/counter-top seating area! TRÈS GENIAL!

Our compartment…I really like trains. The seats were really comfy.

After, we hit the cinema, Jean Eustache (it makes me think of “mustache”.

What a cool building!

And the pretty building facing the cinema.

Our billets for le film, Camille Redouble.

Just a pre-show snack, guafres aux nutella avec chantilly bien sur!

Le film is about to start!! Et, la fin de mon jour.


6 thoughts on “Photo-Diary #2: Yet Again Another Sunday…

    • Somehow, I just happen to have an adventure or an event on Sunday…so it’s just becomes the main focus of my photo-diaries.

      Haha…I wish it was real…but actually it’s just for show!!!

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