France Realizations, Pt. 2: Happy 1st Month!

Time never seems to slow down for anyone…except when you’re on your last set of exercise repetitions. I can’t believe that I’ve finally reached the one-month mark – I am still not over my honey-moon phase. Everyday there is a new revelation…and if you know me well, you can imagine my overly-expressive reactions in response. And the best part is that I get to share it with you! Thus, presenting:

Only in France

1. You buy pink toilet paper…just because.

2. You eat a lot of things out of a box. Pasta in a box. Couscous in a box. Rice in a box. Take-out in a box. Everything seems better in a box?

3. When you’re looking for pita at your grocery store, you find pre-packaged crêpes instead.

and there’s more…

4. You have yet to find somewhere where you can buy baking soda. Actually, you can’t buy baking soda (and white vinegar without alcohol).

5. You get invited to parties that start at midnight..and end at 6am.

6. And after staying up so late, you can head to the marché for some delicious breakfast.

7. You buy sliced bread and it doesn’t come with the end pieces…except they’re my favourite part.

8. You can buy instant macaron mix.

9. You keep falling in love with the trains.

10. Your receipt from the supermarché organizes your purchases under categories.

11. Your residence has a courtyard.

12. Your local supermarché holds massive wine sales.

13. You go to the local oxygen bar (for pure oxygen of course!) to wind down after a long day…except you’re told that it actually originated from Toronto, Canada, and not Europe.

12. Your teacher invites you to do some winepicking at her family’s wine yard.

13. You text your DHL postman during class.


Oh, and no matter what…your school schedule will always have one hour dedicated to lunch.


2 thoughts on “France Realizations, Pt. 2: Happy 1st Month!

    • Yea…I hope so too!

      I have not yet gone…but she says that she is going to organize it if we are honestly willing to go.

      I’ll send you my school schedule via FB but I guess it is a rule of thumb that there is always some kind of 1 hr break for lunch.

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