Photo-Diary #3: Homesickness? Not at all, Too Busy Celebrating Mid-Autumn Moon Festival…and it’s a Sunday

If you didn’t know already, this past Sunday (Sept 30) was Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival). It also happens to occur on the day when the full moon is at its largest; and if there is anything you need to know about me, I am obsessively crazy over the moon (I can attest that it’s not the full moon’s affect). So, this is one of my favourite celebrations because not only is there an amazingly beautiful yellow-orange moon to stare at, I also get to eat the insanely delicious dishes that my parents make specifically for the night. Besides that and more importantly, it’s about family time. I’ve been asked if I’ve caught the “homesickness”…, surprisingly (and to be truly honest), not one bit. And this is bizarre because I’m that girl who lives 15 minutes away from Glendon, lives on residence, but goes home every weekend. And now, I’m really experiencing “home” away from home. Yes, I did cry my eyes out when my family said goodbye for the last time (actually, let’s just say that I cried at least once every day during our last week together…and the week before that when it was my last week in HK…I know, I’m a crybaby) BUT I’m okay! The trick is finding “home” wherever you are. So, as a person who loves food-friends-family-time, I hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival lunch.

I woke up at 7am to get a few things from the Marché des Capucins.

I could already see the beautiful yellow full moon. It’s the random bright circle in the middle (no it is not a lamp).

I managed to grab a bunch of Chinese vegetables for the event. They weren’t the best quality but it was better than nothing – a little piece of home!

The night before, I called up my mom who was describing all the yummy food that she had just made…and then I decided that I had to make at least one of those dishes. Obviously, I chose the easiest – minced meat (and LOADS of shallots) with hardboiled eggs in a sweet soy sauce. Personally, I thought it was “missing” something but it was decent enough to remind me of home.

Voilà, our humble lunch feast.

The last dish was suppose to be a Potato Scallion Pancake…which ended up being fries with scallions. Next time!

We obviously needed some mooncake for our event. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any (not that I tried… because I don’t like mooncake) so I bought the Gâteau Basque in replacement. I previously bought this for my friend’s birthday and it was a huge hit since the texture is similar to mooncake. So, we had our “French” mooncake.

After lunch, I met up with an “old” Glendon friend who was an exchange student from France during my frosh year. And now it’s my turn to be the exchange student! It was unbelievable in some sense because of the funny way things work out. After walking around centre-ville, we parted – I came home to an intense sunset.

The sunset wasn’t the end of my day yet! I had to get some paperwork done (as usual) and the moon presented itself – too bad, I didn’t have my actual camera on me!

Technically this isn’t part of my Sunday because I took this shot on Monday…but the moon just didn’t want to leave. It bid me “Bonjour!” on my walk to school.


2 thoughts on “Photo-Diary #3: Homesickness? Not at all, Too Busy Celebrating Mid-Autumn Moon Festival…and it’s a Sunday

  1. Awesome advice to find home wherever you are.
    Do you have kitchen access or a meal plan, or do you live in res or in an apartment?
    Is the “old” Glendon friend Guillaume?

    • Haha thanks!
      There is no such thing as a meal plan and in all residences there is kitchen access but it depends on haw awesome it is…I’m lucky because I have kitchen right in my place (an apartment) but in other residences, there may be 1 kitchen for the entire floor to share (or two) or 1 kitchen between 5 rooms.

      YES! You guessed right! Actually, I just tried a RU (Restaurant Universitaire) with him yesterday…and I had my dinner for 2 euros!

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