Staying on track…

It’s been a while… to be honest, I have been writing posts but I just haven’t been publishing any of them…I swear I’ve been productive! Randomly, I get these “aha” moments while on the tram, making my sandwich…or doing a controle continu in class. They always seem amazing and then, things just get bizarre and over-thought out and the idea’s lost but I’m struggling to keep it alive… WHY WON’T YOU LIV-the point is that I’m not satisfied. And now, I arrive at the reconfiguration stage – in limbo of figuring things out a second time. Or maybe a third… or tenth?

The thing is, that’s life for you. You need to realize that it’s okay for things to happen in a certain way; you can’t always be the boss. That thesis isn’t going to happen even if you are Dr. Frankenstein. All you can do is to take time for yourself. I’ve often received advice to take at least 20 minutes of quiet time away from technology, people, sounds, distractions, etc. to just be in the moment and to let your mind wander. It’s easy to write, to tell others, to remain in theory but once you try, you’ll see how hard it really is to stay still. Do I sense a challenge?


Find a quiet and comfortable space.

Set timer for 20 minutes.

Now, try not to think.

Trust me…this gets easier with practice. Happy “not thinking”!


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