Have you met Pierre?

I always find it entertaining to put myself in a scary (in the challenging-sense) situation. Took it straight from the “vintage” lululemon baggies:

“Do one thing a day that scares you.”

In my case, I like to follow this annually. During my first year at Glendon, I decided to be on Radio Glendon. I’m not much of a public speaker but I do enjoy music…and, I do rant occasionally…so why not? And, why be scared by yourself when you can bring a friend? I did just that. My good friend (or shall we say “sister”), Naz, and I became the Hummus & Baba G Show. (Here’s a sampler from our earlier shows…when everything was so “new”:)

And guess what? It was a blast! Who would have known how amazing and fun it is to have the spotlight on you…for an entire hour or two? It’s your own private jam and with nobody to interrupt you. The point is: you never known until you try. And if you don’t like it…well that’s good, too! Now you know what you don’t like or want to do.

Hummus & Baba G

Bringing this philosophy to Bordeaux…I decided to take the course, Théâtre.

I love theatre; I love the idea of it – you can be whoever you want to be! However, to be honest with myself, theatre and I don’t go hand-in-hand. I cannot act for my life despite my sincere efforts…I’m just not born for the stage. Knowing this and also that there will be a end-of-the-term spectacle, why not take the class? Oh, everything is in French…a bonus!

For the semester, my class and I wrote a script on the theme, sourire (“smile”). From that come forth, SOURIMAN, our (fou/crazy) Superman of Sourire. He would aid our protagonist on the road to finding a real “sourire” in hopes of wooing the girl of his dreams. Guess what?

Photo on 12-12-03 at 21.15

I was chosen to play Pierre, our lovely protagonist!

Photo on 12-12-03 at 21.17 12.56.02

What do you think? I think I make a fine Pierre (one must remember that “confidence” is key; own it!)

Photo on 12-12-03 at 21.23 #2

Yes, I am well aware that after the third photo…it does get a bit creepy. But that’s the point, have fun with it! I definitely had fun with my face and acting like a jerk to every girl I met.

Photo on 12-12-03 at 21.15 #3 12.56.02

In conclusion, I proved my hypothesis:

(a) I can’t act for my life,
(b) but, there was lots of laughing and I do love theatre.

Don’t hesitate – go out on a whim and you’ll never know what you might find! Just be confident and enjoy the experience, my little daredevils!



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