What up, past life?!

Before leaving for exchange, my last essay for class was on the concept of time traveling

Time Travel

Let’s be real…I’m not here to talk about that.


What I am going to do is talk to myself, my past self!


Ok, maybe not that wayyyyy back… The other day, I remembered that my group of friends and I had written something after the end of 1st year as a pseudo “time-capsule” memoir…I dug mine out.


And…fast forward three years…not much has changed. I’m still Ms. giddy-LOTR-fangirl-baked-goods-fiend-moon-lover. And, proud of it I might add! However, I’ve always been envious of Spock’s relationship with future-Spock. With that said, I’m just going to have to force this relationship upon myself…



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