Friendly Faces: Amis de Glendon Alumni Mixer

Just last Saturday (Sept 28), the Glendon Manor got all glamed out for Friends of Glendon/Amis de Glendon’s First Alumni Mixer…

Glendon Manor

The food was set up on the terrace…

Lunik Co-op Picnic Tables

The candles were lit…

table lights

And, the volunteers were ready for action…


But wait! Who is Friends of Glendon / Amis de Glendon ? A committee of incredible individuals (faculty/staff members, alumni, and students)  who provide and fundraise financial aid for Glendon students.

Friends of Glendon's Logo

So besides doing all these amazing things…they organized the first ever Alumni Mixer in Lunik Co-op. I must say, it was quite an impressive mixer – we had alumni attend from a wide range of decades: 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s… and even current students!

Alumni 70s

It was a night of good music, good food, and great people interacting. And, how could there not be any heartfelt reunions?!


Even, I, a mere bystander, almost teared up when I saw these two friends reunite. And despite my swelling heart, I couldn’t help but bring up the realization of being a current 4th year student and the anxiety of graduation.

BandWhat next? Where to? More studying? A job? A future? A pet pug & cat? A cactus? Yes, I do have many life questions and it does get overwhelming – the “uncertain” is alarming and uncontrollable. AND, that’s ok! I mean, these alumnus made it, right?! Yes, life is a challenge. And, yes you might not know what you want to do with your life. All you might know is that you want an alpaca herd. But the point is, you’re not alone.


There is one thing I can say for sure: the relationships I’ve made during my time in university has made a huge impact on my life and me as who I am. First of all, you will meet those “life-long friends” and you will never let them go no matter what.

Group of friendsSecondly, you will meet people besides your friends who influence you in more ways than you know it whether it be inspirationally, academically, philosophically, etc…

SpeechSo, what I’m trying to get at…is how appreciative I am of the community I’m a part of. University has been and is still a great place to figure out who I am intellectually, psychologically and interpersonally. It may not be for everyone or not provide the answers that you’re looking for but I’ll never forget the people I’ve met and bonded with.

YearbookNo matter what uncertainty brings, just remember that your friends are right there with you.



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