Crunch time: 3 tips on getting things done

It’s hard when the world is so beautiful and you only have…a kijillion essays and mid-terms coming up.


Oh, why is fate so cruel?! But fear not! Let me lend you some friendly advice…


3 Tips on “Getting Things Done”

Be Yourself

What does this mean? Exactly what is says! It means accepting and figuring out your unique method to work/study. Personally, I don’t like working in libraries because I find the atmosphere too tense but that doesn’t mean it’s not your perfect niche for getting that essay done! Just remember to stay open-minded to all forms of “getting things done” – for example, there’s the Holly Method™ which is setting a timer for 20 minutes. All you do is study, write, work, read, etc…until the timer goes off and then you take a graceful 5 minute break! Repeat until you are satisfied with what you’ve accomplished.

Make a list, within a list

We all know that we’re natural list-makers (let’s just accept this assumption for argument’s sake). But, lists just defeat their own purpose when it becomes two-pages long of things that will never might get done. This is where filters come in…or in other words, making a list within a list – prioritize that list! A suggestion would be making a list for 3 things at a time or taking it day-by-day. Just remember that your list does not have to be the root of your stress.

Work smart, not hard

A wise friend (*ahem* the amazing GL eAmbassador, Juan) once said this to me. AND IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Why make things harder for yourself when you can simplify things? For example, make a quick flowchart/outline before writing that essay or figuring out what study-work method suits you. If you know you can’t write a legible paper at 2am, then don’t put yourself in that situation…or take a nap and feel rested so you don’t write something crazy (unless crazy is expected of you).

Now that I’ve shared my 3 tips…how do you stay on track?


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