It seemed just yesterday when exams were coming to an end…gifts were being wrapped…cookies were being baked…and Glendon was being frozen.


Now it’s… 2014? And, classes start today? I kind of miss frozen Glendon…


Except it was also a quiet Glendon.

Frozen bike

I can’t help but feel amazed while watching residents move back into residence, students getting ready for classes, friends re-uniting…


It’s amazing because you remember those first years during September being all anxious, nervous, timid, uncertain, excited, cautious, cool…Rope

Everything was new.


But now that was so Sept 2013. You’re a pro!


You know you can always find that one friend in the Caf to hang out with during break…watch that other friend perform in a Glendon theatre production…study with these certain individuals who will make sure you don’t procrastinate…go to Zumba on Wednesdays at 6pm…practice Mandarin at Lunik on Language Tuesdays…


You realize you are a part of the community. And, you’re glad to be home.



Welcome back!


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