Casa LomaUniversity life isn’t just about academics…it also includes your social life. This winter term started off in style with the YU Charity Ball hosted at the magnificent Casa Loma. What’s the event? In partnership with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, it’s an event to fundraise money and to also look spiffy.

IMG_1157_2The venue was set…and it was indeed very swanky. In my mind, I understood the word “formal” but it didn’t compute until being present at the event. Everyone was dressed to the nines! Besides that, it was definitely a popping night, full of music to dance the night away.


Reslife also kicked off the new term with a bang by organizing: ResLife’s Got Talent. The stakes were set high since each house had to present something while incorporating the following four words: international, passport, umbrella, and a country of choice.


The night, though nerve-wracking, was full of laughter and spontaneity! Whether it be a joint effort in creating a poem about ResLife…

AE House…or interpretative dance-poetry…

IMG_1873…a Zumba dance presentation…

IMG_1890horrible amazing knock-knock jokes…

IMG_1933…and Improv games, there is some crazy beauty in making a fool of yourself and knowing that you’re doing it in a safe and positive space.


Speaking of which, just last night…the GWTC presented a workshop on: The Body is Not an Apology presented by Sonya Renee Taylor. For those who do not know of Sonya…she is a powerful, inspiring, and beautiful soul. Here’s a little taste of Sonya-ness via YouTube:


Sonya presented a workshop on the power of loving your body and yourself. This radical action can then create change in our world. It was an amazing night to be able to share stories, receive support, and hear words of inspiration.


So…it’s only Wednesday and the week’s only getting started. I cant wait to watch Dark Lady (a musical based on songs by Cher and written by Glendon’s very own Justin Ruttan), attend the Yule Ball (where are my Hufflepuff’s at?!), and organize a Chili night with my house (courtesy of the awesome Nick Chaloux who is also a fellow eAmbassador). What are you looking forward to this week?


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