Growing Up

Glendon Theatre Dark Lady the MusicalThe other day, I went to see Dark Lady: the Musical at Theatre Glendon with a few friends. As usual, the show was outstanding…BUT, this time it was different…as cheesy as this sounds, I had all these raging feelings.

Drag queen, Theatre Glendon, Dark Lady the Musical

The musical, inspired by and using music by Cher, was about the trials through life, love and hardships of a drag queen. Besides the apparent theme of “growing up”, I couldn’t help but notice the actors/actresses (/all individuals involved) behind the costumes and makeup. A few were friends I had made in first year, their transformation in their personal growth felt so vivid to me.

Theatre Glendon, Dark Lady the MusicalFirst off, the play was written by Justin Ruttan who is currently a graduating student of Glendon. It was amazing to see his talent, dedication and passion mix together to create such a fun show for all to enjoy. And then to see the actors/actresses show off their fierceness in drag was impressive! It’s not every play that you have to do rehearsal in heels (THE ENTIRE TIME). Mad respect.

Glendon Theatre Dark Lady the Musical

This reminds me of when I was deciding on which university to go to. As a super indecisive person (who asked millions ~15 people for advice), I was given a helpful tip. Think of three things you want/expect to have in your university experience. Here was my list:

  1. Community: a supportive and positive environment that encourages and challenges you.
  2. Opportunity: experiences whether that be exchanges or not being a “number” to my prof.
  3. Academics: how does this program differ from another school?

Even with this compressed list, I found it hard to decide. The pivotal deciding factor was visiting the campus. By doing so, you will get a better feel of the school and its community. Just know that you should always aim for what is right for you and not anybody else. You are the protagonist of this story, so work it!

Theatre Glendon Dark Lady the MusicalIt’s always hard to make the “right” decision especially when every decision you make is “right”. It’s just a matter of having confidence in what you do and that no matter what, you can always re-evaluate. So stay fierce…and make sure you aim for what you want and nothing less! It’s time to be a diva!

Oh…and p.s. here is a photo of 1st year Rebecca who took her first Zumba lesson this past September, loved it so much that she took a Zumba instructors course, and now she’s instructing residents!

Zumba, Glendon Campus, Hilliard Residence, Active Living Challenge


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