“Is that even art?”

Every year I look forward to the first Saturday of October, also known as Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. It’s an art festival that’s faithful to its very name by starting at sundown (6pm) and ending at sunrise (6am) in which the downtown core is transformed into an open gallery of various art installations (think 100+).

IMG_2241Despite my clear appreciation for the event, the same can’t be said for everyone. Often times, you’ll overhear the disappointments and misunderstandings of the installations.  And, I disagree it’s valid. It’s always important to ask the question: what is art?
IMG_2296Art is interpretive – it isn’t about being pretentious, it’s about being open. As much as there are the strange and seemingly “meaningless” pieces of work, these are ideas put out to be shared…a specific perspective expressed in any format or medium.IMG_2410

This year at Nuit Blanche, I had the privilege to be:

(1) infected by mysterious toxic paint…

(2) resist the urge to climb man-made crane palm trees…IMG_2618

(3) be a part of the lively masses on a brisk October night…

(4) communicate subtle messages on the “real world”…

(5) question my own self-journey…IMG_2828

(6) explore the political message of oil and innovation…IMG_2727

and, (7) admire the zen of others amongst the city bustle.

All in all, it was a night of people from all over coming together to celebrate or to attempt to enjoy art. I definitely recommend everyone to experience it one way or another.


Even if nothing makes sense, you’ll still be able to keep the memory of a night of art with friends.IMG_2820



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