4 Things besides apple pie I’m thankful for


Yesterday, my fellow awesome eAmbassador & Don, Juan wrote a post about 4 things he’s thankful for and asked us what our list was. So here’s my response to his Thanksgiving post (in no particular order):


(4) “Ohana means family.– Lilo & Stitch

Family isn’t something you choose to be a part of as much as it is a part of each of us. This is where the second part of the quote comes in: “Family means no one gets left behind.” As rough as times can be, family is family – I genuinely appreciate all the support I’ve received and will receive even when I’m a huge brat.


(3) “Fish are friends, not food.” – Finding Nemo

You can never over-express gratitude. Especially when it comes to my friends who put up with all my weird quirks. Cheers to the friends who willingly stay up until 3am to bake macarons with you. Cheers to the friends who agree to accompany you on a mission to “escape the room” despite having to deal with being handcuffed in a dark dungeon.


(2) “You and I are a team.” – Monsters Inc.

As much as independence is something we all must embrace, teamwork is always welcome. The past few years, I’ve understood teamwork in so many aspects and contexts. Despite the differences in teams, it comes down to one word: support. “Help” has always been something I’ve been reluctant to take…but the people I’ve met and worked with have shown me the beauty of teamwork. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to be as open and flexible as I attempt to be now.

Thanksgiving Dinner

(1) “Adventure is out there.” – Up!

And finally, I want to thank all the opportunities that I’ve had and future ones to explore the world. And now my degree is coming to an end, I’m curious/anxious/excited/nervous/hopeful for what lies ahead.

Caledon BadlandsWhat are you thankful for? Feel free to comment below or to write your own post but don’t forget to share!



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