1 000 000 + 1 Photos Later…

One could say I’ve always had a “thing” for photography… however, I would say it’d be correct to see it as a symptom of my sentimentalism. Another way to put it is that I easily get absorbed into one subject (just like how my brothers always make fun of me for that one time I spent 2 hours outside taking pictures of one flower)…

IMG_8216 - Version 2Silly me at that moment didn’t realize photography to be anything…but as a need to capture EVERYTHING, which is still true now but the drive of creativity came from somewhere else. Slowly, it transitioned from “capture every second” to “capture it’s beauty”, which unfortunately doesn’t necessarily mean fewer photos.

IMG_7045Photography was my insecurity in two ways:

  1. I want to save everything the way it is and everything must be “beautiful” or be captured so.
  2. Your passion is your success, and your success depends on “xy, and z” (to put it in simpler terms).

IMG_8263Somewhere in between now and then, I realized life moves on; and as cliché as this sounds, our purpose is to share our stories. Stories aren’t always fairy-tales, it’s about sharing what I experience through my point-of-view whether it’s a mundane chore or a life-changing opportunity. And that’s essentially what photography is…it doesn’t matter the size/type/cost/etc. of camera, it’s all about how you’re sharing your story.
IMG_4616How you express your story is your passion. For myself, that would be traveling and photography. And I’ve had amazing opportunities to do so:

  1. Survived Explore Program’s 5-week French immersion in Nova Scotia.
  2. Finished a month and a half internship in Hong Kong.
  3. Completing a year of exchange in Bordeaux, France through York International.
  4. Completing a 3-month internship in Tortuguero, Costa Rica through York International.


I may love traveling but it’s not just about the international (airplane) trips, it’s also about the daily commutes and adventures. Having fun while taking pictures of my close friends at a Glendon event during my second year sparked the opportunity to continue having fun and taking pictures of the Glendon community. Now, I get to enjoy the perks of doing what I love with the bonuses of attending events, being social and meeting like-minded individuals.

It’s interesting when someone asks me to give photography tips… because I don’t have a succinct answer. My method was trial-and-error through the past-Kelly who could take 1 000 000 + 1 photos of a flower. For me, photography is about sharing what you see through your POV. As much as the golden hour/rule-of-thirds/field of depth/lighting/equipment/etc. is important, the point is to capture what you see and to share it. Storytelling is all about accessibility.

If you need to remember three words from this post, it would be:




With that, here are a few photos from my adventures:


Lisbon, Portugal – 2012


Sahara Desert, Morocco – 2013

Ice Storm

Ice storm ’13, Toronto


Vénus de Milo, Paris – 2013


Bordeaux, France – 2013

Doyen Brus

Tram stop, Bordeaux – 2013


Bordeaux, France – 2012


Pastéis de Nata Belem, Lisbon – 2012

Outside my Window

B312, Bordeaux – 2012


Biarritz, France – 2012


Granada, Spain – 2013


Dune de Pila, Arcachon – 2013

"Jungle Highway", Tortuguero, Costa Rica - 2014

“Jungle Highway”, Tortuguero, Costa Rica – 2014


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