Salvatore Dali Museum in Barcelona.

Kelly is a Glendon eAmbassador who is in her 5th and final year at Glendon to complete an iBA double-major honors in International Studies & Philosophy with a Certificate in Law & Social Thought. Glendon was first associated to be a swimming pool as Kelly had trained as a competitive swimmer for ~10 years. She never would have thought that she’d be graduating from a “pool”. During her time at Glendon, Kelly has organized a Fair Trade Fair at Keele, gone on an 1-year exchange to France, and become a Don at Wood Residence. This year she looks forward to monitoring turtles in Costa Rica for the York International Internship Program, and working with a group of senior students to host the annual International Studies Symposium for its 20th year.

Shutterbug. Doodler. Dreamer. Foodie. Opportunist. Kelly is a huge fan of LOTR, pens/stationary, and food blogs.

Feel free to email her at: kellylui@yorku.ca, and/or please leave comments, but for now enjoy life and have some dessert. Oh, and follow her live feed (Twitter) here.

Desserts from a patisserie in Uzès.

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