FAQs…& the meaning of life.

I’m omniscient. I can answer all questions to life.

But not really. I just have the answers to the following:

Q: What’s an eAmbassador? And, what’s the difference between that and a Student Ambassador?

A Campus Ambassador is a student representative of Glendon who acts as a reference and guide to potential students. As an eAmbassador, we cater towards the social media community as well. It’s nice to meet you in person but it’s also great to keep in touch. Welcome to the vibrant virtual community!

Check out the other super awesome eAmbassadors and follow their blogs here.

Q: What’s an exchange? Can everyone do one?

Going on an exchange is one of the amazing opportunities that York University provides. The university has bilateral agreements with other universities all over the world (~44 countries), which means that you can study somewhere else for 1 semester or 1 full year during your 3rd or 4th year. Glendon, itself, has their own agreements with other universities. So, as a GL student, you have the advantage of applying for exchange through Glendon or York’s Keele campus. Aren’t we so privileged? And at that, anyone who meets the requirements can apply for exchange. You don’t need to be in an iBA program or be studying a certain major…if you want to do it, go for it!

Check out York International’s list of countries & universities here.
Check out Glendon’s list here.

Q: Will doing an exchange mean I’ll have to do a fifth year?

No, lots of students who go on exchange are studying their program abroad. It’s nice because some of the courses that you take during exchange can be counted as the equivalent to required or elective courses. It’s cool if you want to take the whole year to be just electives (just like me) but just make sure you’re organized on what you want to take from the experience.

Q: Why exchange?

Why not? It’s a great program offered by the school…take advantage of it and go travel! There’s so much to learn, see, do…so, why not explore and study at the same time?


If you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to comment or to message me at kellylui@yorku.ca. I’ll try to answer everything and not take seven-and-a-half million years. For live feed, follow my twitter here.


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