Settling in…


I’m Kelly.

Currently a 3rd year, double-major in International Studies & Philosophy at Glendon College on an York Exchange to study French at Université de Bordeaux 3 (Michel de Montaigne) in Bordeaux, France.

Glendon Manor in the wintertime.

I wasn’t too sure on how I wanted to start up this blog because I’ve had a whirlwind adventure of a summer…and now, I’m on another one. So, I thought it’d be nice to do a little introduction and a list…because I love lists and they are quite necessary in life.

En route to Nîmes.

BOTTOM LINE: I’m in France for the first time. I’m in Europe for the first time. Ever. Just taking advantage of the awesome International Exchange program that we have at York University, and so I’ll be staying in Bordeaux for “1 year” (10 months/2 semesters). Since there will be a lot of “firsts”, I hope to share my experiences with you whether it be “le mot du jour”, traveling advice, or photos. SO, feel free to comment and to ask questions as they are always welcome!

Et en fin, la liste! Compiled below are my top 5 goals for the year:

(1) Travel. As. Much. As. Possible. Hello, World!

(2) Take a cooking course and learn French at the same time….which reminds me of my crazy idea of taking a Chinese language course with French as the language of instruction. So basically, fully immerse myself into the French language and culture.

(3) Write, write, write, and snap tons of photos.

(4) Learn to “let go”. My brothers have classified me as a stage-1 hoarder. I thought that I could use this exchange experience as rehab to work on keepings things at a minimal.

(5) Have the best time ever and eat lots of amazing desserts and pastries…

I wouldn’t say that this is exuding ambition but just a few things to keep myself on track. And so…it begins!

The road in Carcassonne.


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